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On The Run With Reist (v1.1)

December 12th, 2014

Introducing a new way to connect! Periodically, Reist will share video logs from the road, the trail, or wherever he happens to be. Tune in for a note of encouragement, humor, or whatever might have motivated him to run that last mile.

You are stronger than you know.


Video Log 1.1
December 11, 2014
Springfield, MO


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Crushing The Treadmill… And Proud Of It!

December 10th, 2014



I made the conscious decision as winter approached, to not complain about having to log some of my miles on the treadmill. As I travel each week there are often times when I arrive at the hotel late, it is dark, and I am unfamiliar with the area, making the treadmill a welcomed option.
With that being said, last night I CRUSHED my run in a little workout room in my hotel in Springdale, Arkansas and the endorphins had the same effect.
Let’s be clear, if you hate cold weather and you choose to run on a treadmill, you are still a “real” runner and you should be proud of the results.
– Reist

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