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Training 1.1 “The Pacer” Run

June 5th, 2015

Training 1.1 “The Pacer” Run

Date– 6/4/15

Time – 6:15am

Location-Santa Clara, CA

Distance – 6.21 miles

Duration – 53:55styk


It was anything but warm this morning in Santa Clara.  The chill was just enough to make shiver and wonder if I should have dug around my suitcase for my gloves, but that would just be crazy, it is June. I set off on the familiar path that I have been running for the last month while working in California. The first mile borders a busy road and is very nosy, and then it angles back into neighborhoods and is surprisingly peaceful amongst this busy city. The path was busy today with bike riders commuting to work and retirees out for morning walks. I was scheduled to run 6 easy miles for Day 1 of training and I was doing a 3 mile out and back from my hotel. The first 3 were a bit uncoordinated and I could find no real rhythm.. As I was approaching the turnaround point, I passed another runner coming towards me and I recognized the familiar Boston Marathon Finisher shirt she had on, the shirt I so strongly desire to earn one day. I waved and made my turn and proceeded to fall in behind her about 75 to 100 meters back and we ran. I say “we” ran, but I don’t think she had any idea I was behind her. Her pace was so even and her stride so smooth, I began to feel my own run smoothing out. I followed her for 2 miles, until we hit a crosswalk where I caught up and to be honest may have freaked her out when she saw a 6’3” Clydesdale rolling up behind her. She slowed to the side and gave me an odd look, so I smiled and said “nice run” and kept on going, she waved smile back and said “Thanks!” I noticed she then fell in behind me for the remaining of the path, then headed into the neighborhood. Little did she know how she helped me on this run, I am grateful to my “Pacer”


For all 10 marathons, I have trained almost every mile by myself. I wonder what it would be like to run with a group. Being on the road 200 nights makes this difficult, but I think there should be a way.

Who has a suggestion on how I could find running partners as I travel the U.S.?


Run 1.1 is done

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The Alarm Clock Has An Attitude

January 2nd, 2012


That is the start to my morning

You see my alarm clock has an attitude, and he brings it without warning

He has no regard for the comfortable consideration the bed has made

And it’s incredible hold it has on me, especially the days it’s storming.

So feet hit the floor, mind still on the pillow

The Green shoes beckon for company with the Garmin waiting as well

I hardly think they even worry about the oncoming hills though.

Those two are ready if I am at the beach or running in the snow

Shirt, shorts, socks and the shoes on the tired body that just wants back in bed

I know I should put bread in the toaster; carbs for fuel is what the experts say

But the thought of all that work of making toast

Well frankly it’s just too much for me to handle today

Make the way to the door, “it’s not too late, I am still warm” my bed calls

One last look at the bedroom door

Why is the door so heavy, why are my feet dragging, trying to stall?

Through the garage, now I feel the chill of the morning

It’s dark as the door raises but is that a glimpse of the sun rising?

The cold hits my face, and makes the alarm clock seem juvenile

Long walk to the end of the driveway; yep that’s the dawn on the horizon

I can’t hear my bed calling anymore, the alarm clock has been put in the forgotten file

One last look at the house and now make sure the Green shoes are tied right

Headphones in, I think it will be Bob Marley running with me today

Hit the button on the Garmin, first steps toward the morning light

Run Hard – Always Finish


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