Training 2.1 The “Fairgrounds” Run

June 10th, 2015
by Reist Mummau

Training 2.1 – The “Fairgrounds” Run

Date– 6/8/15
Time – 8:00pm
Location-Redmond, Oregon
Distance – 6.23 miles
Duration – 53:29
It is amazing how many excuses I can come up with in a short time on why I am not going to run. I was making them up so fast tonight a stenographer couldn’t have kept up with me. Here’s the deal; Monday’s are a hard day for me, especially when I am traveling to the west coast. This morning I was up at 3:30am, on the plane at 5:40am, as we were just ready to take off, I mean seconds before the pilot hit the throttle, a woman decided she didn’t feel like flying and made it clear to everyone. So, we turned a13228_784883328249641_9003659057166373459_nround and went back to the terminal. This set us back a hour, I arrived in Portland late, drove several hours to Bend/Redmond and by 7pm I was making excuses(solid ones, I might add) to not run, but I did. The Deschutes County Fairgrounds was next to my hotel and proved to be a great place to run, with awesome scenery. The training plan called for 6 and I was an overachiever, by a little. Tonight I almost didn’t run, which would have been sad, because I felt so good when I finished. Tomorrow is speed work, 12×400 meter repeats, my feeling after that may be a little different.

“The will to finish”, should always defeat “the want to quit.” – Reist

The “Fairgrounds” run has been crushed

Shoes – Red/Black Adrenaline GTS15
Total Training Miles – 25.58 miles

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