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Ran Hard – Finished… But How?

February 27th, 2012

Here is the quick version of my completing the 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer and doing it in a PR Time. The following is my TimeLine starting with last years marathon.

2/13/11 – Finish 2011 26.2 with Donna National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer with a time of 5;43:48.

3/11 – Find out I have a broken foot and doctor places my foot in a boot
5 months of NOTHING
8/14/11 – Begin training with a 1.82mile run in which I declare that “I am dying!!’
10/11 – Proclaim that I am going to run the marathon in 3:59:59, which I believed I noticed a few rolled eyes
11/11 – PF and Shin Splints grrrr
12/11 – Went on a cruise ran on the beach in St. Maarten, Virgin Islands cool
1/12 – Started freaking out because the marathon was a month away.
1/12 – Introduced to the term TAPER
2/11/12 – Pick up my packet bib #995

Reist-at-finish-and-caleb2/12/12 – Race Day

  • Mile 1 – can not get to 4 hr pace group due to my taking to long in portajohn and the masses of people
  • Mile 3 – catch 4 hr pace group
  • Mile 6 – running on the beach feeling strong
  • Mile 13 – Halfway and no issues
  • Mile 14 – Issue PF begins to ache – Vitiamin I to the rescue
  • Mile 20 – Still on Pace
  • Mile 22 – This was my mile – I bonked in a training run at this mile, last year even though I basically was walking, I went into the fetal position at this mile. Today I killed the 22nd mile!
  • Mile 25 – Left my pace group in order to try and accomplish my goal
  • Mile 25.8 – Leg cramps (forgot my last Chomps allotment) pushed through them
  • Mile 26.1 – Family is going crazy, in the picture above that is my boy flying out of the stands on the left.
  • Mile 26.2 – 3:59:10pr

500+ miles of training

PF and Shin Splints

Learning that running Long Runs slow is the correct thing to do

Encouragment from my family and friends

Excited that my wife, brother, and sister ran the Half – my son, sister in law, and niece ran the 5k – my 2 nieces and nephew ran the 1 mile fun run. All of this on the same weekend as I ran the full. All of them were at the finish line screaming for me.

I did it, sub 4hr for a Clydesdale.

Run Hard – Always Finish

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