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Until The 1st Mile I Know I Am A GRUMP

November 29th, 2011

Today’s Run – 11/29/11 5.01 miles – 44m:17s – 8:50min/mil – Addison, TX

Grumpy2It was cold this morning in Texas (37degrees) when I left my hotel room to run.  I woke up fast and I worked on maintaining my pace.  It was then that it hit me, why my wife and kids like that I run in the morning.  All of them actually encourage me to run at the crack of dawn, telling me how proud they are of me etc, etc, but why such cheerleading.  I figured it out this morning.

I have never been a morning person, not that I couldn’t get up, but the simple fact was I am a grump in the morning.  I have had this affliction since childhood, not acknowledging my family members at the breakfast table, one word answers from me are the norm, I am pretty much miserable and I know it.  Today started like any other day with me walking around the hotel room “grumpy” until I hit that 1stmile and it was an ALL NEW ME.  I was happy to get a phone call, greeted people with the “runner wave”; I was generally in a good mood.  I am sure there are many reasons for this, and more experienced runners can comment on why running is a cure for my bad attitude, all I know is that my wife is happy, thus I am ecstatic!

Something cool happened this weekend that I want to share with the LOOP.  My 16 year old daughter Grace, while supportive, has shown no interest in lacing it up and running.  On Sunday she called me and asked “Dad do you think you can map out a mile for me so I could try running?”  So time to go get another one fit for shoes!!


This was sent to me by my niece Maya:

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Run Hard – Always Finish



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Chocolate Milk Was The (4th) Best Thing I Received This Weekend

November 27th, 2011

Today’s Run:  10.02 miles – 1:28:42 – 8:51min/mil 8×1

On today’s menu was an 8×1 training run.  I truly understand the reason for this run is to prove that I can run faster than my body believes it can move, but good grief!!  This run kicked my tail, it was raining and no matter what direction I ran in, I had a head wind. (How is that possible??)  When I finished, I realized that today’s run was the hardest I had have ever run.  It was not the fastest, but it was the hardest that I have pushed myself; it made the chocolate milk I inhaled, when I finished, taste that much better.

Let’s move on to the next topic.  When I decided to run seriously, my wife became my biggest supporter and she showed this yesterday BIG time.  You see yesterday, was my birthday and she HOOKED me up.

SauconyList of Presents received from awesome wife:

  • Saucony Hurricane 12 Green/Yellow shoes – these shoes are great for Clydesdales. (Disclaimer: I was fitted by a running professional, Erin, at my local running store for these shoes.)
  • Garmin 410 – how do they get all that info in that little watch?
  • Brooks running jacket – a small town could be lit by this jacket‘s reflective powers.

I know that all these things are not necessary to train and run races.  I understand that the first guy running a marathon ran barefoot; I know his loin cloth was not technical, and I am pretty sure he wasn’t using a MP3 to help him get through the wall at mile 20, and yet he still finished.  I am just saying, I like my green shoes, the Garmin is ridiculous and when I figure out what to do with all the information it gives me, I am sure I will run faster (ha-ha), and the running jacket is a Super Jacket that repels all things harmful to me.

This week I will be in Texas working, so my runs this week will take place in the Dallas area.  I like running in Texas because the mornings are cool and for the most part, it is FLAT!!

It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit.

–George Sheehan

Run Hard – Always Finish


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I’ve Changed (and I blame running!)

November 22nd, 2011

change-same2This is a home week for me from traveling, and an off day from running.  I decided it was a good day to organize my closet and running gear (maybe I was encouraged to do so by my wife).  As I was putting things away, it got me to thinking about how running has changed the way I view things.  So, I have decided to share a few:


  • I was at a stoplight the other day and saw a girl running towards me.  Her gait at best was a bit awkward with very small steps and almost no arm movement.   I am sure in my BR (Before Running) life; I would have had a sarcastic comment ready to fire as she passed me.  Instead I yelled out the window “your stride looks great, run hard!!”  Who am I??
  • In my BR life if I saw a runner on the road instead of the sidewalk I would give him the “get off the road that is what sidewalks are for” glare.  Now as I run on the road I give the drivers the ….wait I don’t give them any look, I run on the curb till they pass.  In my head though, I am glaring.  On a side note, who knew sidewalks are so uneven and so easy to take a biter on, especially at night.
  • I can honestly say I think motivational running quotes are cool, such as this one:

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle when the sun comes up you’d better be running. 

Ok, come on – that’s a cool one.

  • I think green shoes are cool. Nothing else really to say.
  • For my birthday this week, my wife gave me a GPS watch that tells me everything I can possibly need to know while I am running.  I believe if I move that Bezel fast enough it will tell me this week’s Powerball numbers.  My wife is awesome, by the way.
  • I preach the awesomeness of Body Glide.  Just say “amen” and move on.
  • I have begun writing a blog about my experiences with running. (  Dude, I wouldn’t even write a term paper in college and now this…
  • Here is one last thing.  August 14, 2011 I barely was able to finish 2 miles, on November 12, 2011 I ran 20 miles in 3:13:24 9:39min/mil for my week long run.  Now that is a BIG change.

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It’s All In The Number

November 21st, 2011

Love262For all those people who know the true meaning of the number 26.2

26.2 Ways You Know You Are A Runner

1. You know how many miles there are in a marathon.

2. Your weekly mileage is how much you run, not your commute to work.
3. You know how many miles you get out of a pair of running shoes.
4. You can convert Kilometers to Miles in your head.
5. You measure your running route in your car to get the exact mileage.
6. When someone tells you their age, you automatically know their Boston qualifying time.
7. You know Grandma’s as the route from Two Harbors to Duluth, not the person.
8. You can drink, blow your nose and pee on the run.
9. The problem with the treadmill is there’s no place to spit.
10. You have less than ten toenails and that’s normal for you.

11. Body Glide is your friend. (IMPORTANT for Clydesdale’s!!)

12. Ibuprofen is affectionately known as “Vitamin I”.
13. Navigating walkers, dogs and baby strollers annoys you because it interrupts your pace.
14. When you participate in an organized event, you know not to run in your race t-shirt.
15. You have a favorite energy gel and flavor.
16. The “Picasso” above your fireplace is last year’s TCM poster.
17. You have pre and post race rituals.
18. The journal you keep is in miles and pace not feelings or thoughts.
19. When you look at the weather conditions, you calculate how many layers to wear.
20. The pride you feel after a good run is worth the pain it took to get there.
21. You have more t-shirts than you could possibly wear.
22. When you hear the word “bib”, you think of race numbers not babies and Gerber food.
23. The “no carbohydrate diet” does not apply to you.
24. You know that Fartlek is not vulgar terminology.
25. A hill is an opportunity just waiting to be challenged.
26. You know the phrase “you’re almost there” only applies when the finish line is in sight.
.2 Your vacation destination is determined by your race schedule.

“…a marathon is twenty miles of hope, six miles of truth….”

Run Hard – Always Finish
Reist Mummau

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It’s A Family Affair

November 13th, 2011

Until two years ago, no one in my family would have been labeled a runner. We are a sports family, but running was not on the menu for any of us. When talking to my brother Cody, (who is also a Clydesdale 6’5”) we figured the only time we ran was when he missed a tackle or when I missed a lay-up. Even then, the running consisted of only wind sprints, which in their own right, resemble a hill at the end of a 5k. This all changed with a single decision by my sister in law, Kristina, to run the 26.2 for Donna – Finish Breast Cancer Marathon in 2010. She trained and trained, we all were supportive but only to the point of leaving positive messages on her iPod for her to listen to while she ran. She asked but there was no way I was joining her. She ran hard and she finished that marathon. And, as we sat around the table listening to the story of her race, how she felt as she crossed the finish line, I found myself hanging on every word. Six months later, I found myself out running and preparing for the same marathon.

To take the family affair to another level, at the 2011 26.2 with Donna – Finish Breast Cancer Marathon, there were ten people comprised of friends and family running either the full marathon, the ½ marathon, or the relay. Now, this year the roster for the 2012 26.2 with Donna – Finish Breast Cancer Marathon on 2/12/12 is as follows:

Reist (me) – Full

Cody (brother) – Full

Stephanie (sister) – Full

Andrea (my wife) – Half

Maya (niece) – Half or Full (still undecided)

Glenice (my mom) – 5k

Mia (niece) – 5k

Anna (niece) – 5k


We are a family of runners, we call and text and ask how each other’s runs went that day. We are constantly checking Facebook and Endomondo looking at each other’s times and sending pep talks as we run. We are spread out all over the country, yet running has kept us connected. Cody and Andrea both have dealt with injuries and they likened it to having a toy and not being able to play with it (both are back and ready to train). It has been a revolution in our family and I love it.

It all started with that decision by Kristina to just get out and run in honor of her mother, a breast cancer survivor. And, the fever has spread throughout the family. If you are wondering why you do not see Kristina on the family roster of runners, she has a good reason. She brought her baby girl Michelle into the world on 10/25/11 this year and they are going to be our cheerleaders in Jacksonville. I am not sure what it is going to feel like to stand at that starting line with my family (or better yet crossing the finish line with them), but it gives me chills thinking about it. I want to hold my finishers medal up with all them and take a picture. I am going to frame it and put a caption on it “It’s a Family Affair”

“If you want to be the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.” – Priscilla Welch, NY Marathon Winner

Run Hard – Always Finish

Reist Mummau

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There’s Always a HILL

November 1st, 2011

steep-hill-to-bike-up-by-steffeIn my short time running, I have entered and finished two 5k races. In both, I looked forward to with anticipation like a “spot on the Olympic team was at stake.” I ran hard from the start and in both races, I was pleased that the beginning of the race had a downward grade. This is obviously where my inexperience showed. I ran hard until that last quarter of the race and then it happened in both races……the part where you pay for that downward grade at the beginning. It’s called THE HILL!! The kind of hills that a Clydesdale, like myself, gets to the top of and has to wait for his lungs, because I left them somewhere on that hill. It’s the type of hill that makes me wonder why I ran in the first place. But, I completed the hills and crossed those finish lines. It is then that I realized why I run – it’s the pure sense of accomplishment. I find that I am continually learning each time I go out and run. And, what I have taken away from the two 5k’s that I have finished is as follows:

  1. The people that set up 5k races have a bit of evil in them. They tease you with the “downhills” and then place race photographers at the top of the hill (they snuck in at the end.) I know after the race is over and we have all left, all the volunteers are served pizza and then sit around and look at pictures of people like me running that hill. I’m sure they are laughing at my “I think I am missing a lung” facial expression.
  2. Every runner faces their own hill. It can be an actual hill at the end of a run that seems like Mt Everest or a curb in a parking lot that you have to run around because there is no way you can make your body jump four inches in the air to clear it. Every hill is different, even challenges like weather, injuries, or finding time to run are forms of hills we must overcome. But, we do it because we are runners. It carries over into the rest of our lives as well. Hills in our everyday life seem more manageable. It’s just another benefit of running.

I have 102 days, 21 hours, and 23 minutes until my marathon in Jacksonville, FL (26.2 with Donna – Finish Breast Cancer Marathon). My goal is 3:59:59 and I am working as hard as I can. If you want to follow my progress, check out and search for Reist Mummau. I can use all the pep talks possible.

Side note: I ran my first 10k on 10/29/11 and loved it. Few things I observed: it’s longer and 10k organizers seem to be nicer. (No hills, course was flat as a pancake!!)

“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” -Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

Run Hard – Always Finish

Reist Mummau

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